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    Tianjin Municipal Archives was founded in 1964. It is a provincial integrated archives and joined in the city archives committee of international archives council in 1996. It was appraised national first level archives in 1997. The floor area is more than 20,000 square meters and storeroom is more than 10,000 square meters. It has good archives-keeping condition, self-contained safety equipment and advanced archive-using service establishment.
    The present storage is more than 1,350,000 volumes of 799 fonds. They are factually recorded the developing courses of Tianjin in different eras. They can offer great studying value and important proof reference for politics, economics, culture, science and technology and education fields. The earliest records are the title deed in 1686 and the imperial mandate of Kangxi emperor in 1722. Tianjin Chamber of Commerce and Tianjin post archives are our best treasure. They have been listed to the < Chinese archival literature patrimony list >.
    There are national level archival collector's storeroom,special users' reception and service hall,referring Tianjin government's open information room and multifunctional reporting hall. To meet the requirements of our society and make full use of its function of patriotism education base,we hold archival subject exhibition every year,open the archive catalogues to the outside world,and carry out the internet searches. (Tianjin archive website:
    Tianjin municipal Archives has strong ability of archive exploiting and editing according to the study of history,and has edited historical material over 30 sorts,more than 3000 characters. At the same time,we hold archival operation including archive education,consultation,identifying tidying,agent storing,microfilming,digital processing,audio and video frequency multimedia processing,paperhanging and furnishing etc.. The fruits of archival scientific research obtained national and local prises time after time.

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